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Hospitality Industry Pandemic Disruption

The coronavirus pandemic has created one of the largest disruptions ever recorded in world history and it has had no more profound effects than that in the hospitality industry.

This pandemic has created a decline in travel demand that is nine times worse than that of September 11 and occupancy rates that have surpassed the lowest levels recorded during the Great Depression. The hospitality industry, RIGHT NOW, is struggling to survive. Hotel owners are being forced to cut costs by any means necessary to pay the mounting overhead and debt obligations they owe. Unfortunately, with continued declining revenues, hotel owners are now facing waves of foreclosures unlike anything ever recorded.

Hospitality Sector Buying Opportunities

This impact has presented a never before seen opportunity for well-capitalized institutional investors to acquire assets at significant discounts. PERI Capital Group is taking advantage of this by co-investing with its institutional partners that have proven track records of distressed hospitality investments. These opportunities pay a preferred annual return and seek to return 2-3x’s investor capital over a 3-5 year period of time. If you would like more information about our investments, you can contact us at 972-805-5936 or visit our website at to request more information.

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